LED Lighting is Changing Kitchen and Bath Design

Modern LED technology expands design possibilities in kitchen & bath lighting.

Improvements in cost, function, and aesthetics in LED lighting have created endless opportunities in interior design. Versatile products such as strips, tape, rope, and pucks, can add accent lighting almost anywhere in your kitchen and bath. And with a broad spectrum of color choices and brightness options for every style, it is no wonder LED lighting is becoming so popular.

The initial investment for LED could be larger than other more traditional options for interior lighting, especially when involved in a full kitchen or bathroom remodel, but their real value lies in the long-term energy cost reduction. That and all of the fabulous and creative ways designers are incorporating LED lighting.


Here are a few ideas and tips on how you could add LED into your new kitchen or bathroom.

  • Adding LED strips under toe-kicks of cabinets can render a floating effect. Also, works for great under a bathroom vanity cabinet as a nightlight for kids.
  • Add LED tape inside deep drawers and kitchen cabinets to improve visibility.
  • Adding LED strips under cabinet adds a warm glow to a kitchen. Add a color to that LED that can change the color of the backsplash at night.
  • Line recessed spaces and under exposed shelves to elevate their look and improve visibility.

The peak of technology in consumer LED lighting is giving you the ability to control these design-rich lights via a smartphone app. Change the colors, turn the lights up or down from your phone. It’s a pretty exciting time in the kitchen and bath design and a lot of that design enthusiasm is technology based.

Modern Technology in the Kitchen

Can technology make a nicer kitchen?

Technology has snuck into the kitchen along with its friends, progress and innovation. While the basic tenets of traffic flow, access, and overall aesthetics still dominate kitchen design, the minutia has become more interesting. Things like smart faucets that use sensors to turn off and on and smart fridges that remind you when you need milk are only the tip of the tech iceberg.

Look familiar? Kitchens work as multi-purpose spaces and the needs of a kitchen have expanded to include support for technology such as charging stations, printer connectivity, and wi-fi access.

LED technology is changing interior lighting design drastically. Moody under cabinet lighting and illuminated drawers and cabinets are very popular in today’s market. Even appliances like dishwashers have options for interior lighting.

Checking the fridge from your phone could be pretty handy.
Cabinet hardware has been undergoing changes also. Quiet, soft-touch drawer and cabinet openings are becoming commonplace. Today, there are great options for lifting cabinet doors, hidden hardware, and retro-yet-functional options.

Addressing personal electronics, the modern kitchen now must handle the need for extra power sources and connectivity. Docking drawers, charging stations, hidden ports, and retractable electronic strips are common requests that are not going to go away soon.

Modern kitchens have morphed into multi-purpose spaces. A LED television and accompanying technology are found in most kitchens. More and more kitchens are used as home office spaces too, again, making technology requirements mandatory for almost any kitchen remodel.

And for those who embrace the internet of things, how about a refrigerator who contents can be viewed from an app on your phone? According to international surveys, not many people find a need for such things yet when asked about important features of kitchen remodel. But as every generation alive has embraced and accepted the internet and computer technology to some degree, the inevitable addition of smart devices to the kitchen in upon us.

Choose a Countertop

There has never been a better time to choose a new countertop.

But with the plethora of options, it possibly is the most difficult choice in a remodel. The good news is that with so many options, you can’t loose. There is a surface or substrate that will satisfy both design needs and budgets.

This gorgeous soapstone counter, sink, and backsplash set up is as functional as it is durable.

Granite has been king for a long time. And some designers are looking elsewhere for new ideas. But there is a reason granite is popular. It is beautiful, durable, and timeless.

One of the best qualities of marble is the variety of color and veining. Accompany that with its ancient history and marble countertops are always a design winner. Marble does require more care than other stones, but can’t be beaten for classic beauty.

Neolith is a new, eco-friendly porcelain material imported from Spain. Because the surface is so hard, it is very heat resistant and will not crack or stain from heat. The hard surface is also extremely resistant to scratches and abrasion.

Soapstone countertops may be the most durable and one of the most stain-free option for kitchens. It’s safe, natural, environmentally friendly and gorgeous. It does age in color and depending on your style, may take maintenance.

Quartz, an engineered stone, is exceptionally durable and has infinite color and finish options. It is scratch- and stain-resistant, as well as heat-resistant, and non-absorbent. For kitchen and bathroom remodels, quartz has the added benefit of having antimicrobial properties to protect against bacteria.

A truly modern touch, recycled glass is a stunning choice for kitchens and bathroom counters. Add some Led lighting to illuminate the top and you have created a mesmerizing, glowing interior that is sure to be a conversation piece.

Butcher block
A classic for a traditional kitchen, butcher block adds warmth and a food-friendly vibe. Butcher block tops can be used as an accent or companion with stone tops or stainless steel for a modern/industrial finish.

Laminate tops may seem like a throwback, but with so many options and attractive price, a little laminate can go a long way. Stiff competition has forced the laminate industry’s hand, and the result are stunning.

As finishes and colors improve, concrete countertops offer a great option for a custom countertop. A great craftsman touch, concrete tops can be formed with seamless sinks and cutting board recesses.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel countertops give off an industrial design feel and match the function of commercial kitchens. Integrated sinks, backsplashes, as well as island tops, mix well with a variety of textures and colors.

Ceramic tile comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, and depending on your taste, can be very inexpensive. Tile also works great in kitchens for handling hot pots and easy cleanup.

Composite countertops are made from eco-friendly material like recycled paper. They are one of the safest and hygienic countertops for food prep.

Eco-conscious kitchen and bath remodeling

Considering low-impact renovations

Whether you are interested in the green movement or not, there are some innovative new materials and some timeless classics worth considering.

When remodeling a home’s interior spaces there are several ways to easily incorporate environmentally-friendly aspects. Without even considering anything “green” you may want the function, easy cleaning, and mid-range costs of ceramic tile. Tile is actually very eco-friendly in how it is made and in the exceptional durability. Recycled glass tiles are beautiful enough to choose without their green status.

When consciously considering environmentally friendly remodels, you want to minimize the project’s impact from build-out through its lifetime of use. Solid planning can save energy during the build-out and once you are using your new kitchen, you would want energy- and water-saving appliances. LED lighting is a fantastic design accent. LED lights only pull two to 15 watts and last longer than the family cat.

When designing your new bathroom, conserving water use especially in baths is essential. A dual-flush toilet (two flush buttons, one for light work, one for heavy), a low-flow showerhead, and tankless water heaters are readily available ways to go greener.

There is no need to sacrifice top-shelf design to be environmentally friendly in your remodeling project. Reclaimed wood can be upcycled to truly unique rustic doors, tables and countertops. For a dramatic effect, pair a recycled glass counter lit with LED strip lighting from underneath on the kitchen island.

Quality Custom Cabinetry

Quality Custom Cabinetry and Cox Kitchens & Baths have been working together longer than most of our competitors have been in business

While Quality Custom Cabinetry services customers all over the United States, their relationship with local vendors such as Cox Kitchens & Baths is more meaningful. It is a relationship based on a desire for supreme quality and an eye for exacting perfection.

Quality Custom Cabinetry from Lancaster, Pennsylvania offers a diverse collection of styles such as the sophisticated American Classics, French Country, Shaker, and European cabinetry collections. Juxtapose those more formal styles with a weathered, hand-finished hutch for a wonderful and elegant look that adds functional storage. Durable and washable Heirloom finishes and custom matched stains and paints are some of the high-end features that Quality offers.

Quality Custom Cabinetry’s Web Site

Signature Custom Cabinetry

Blending heritage and craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology

Cox Kitchens and Baths prides itself on offering only the finest quality products to our customers through a continuous and vigilant scrutiny of all service and product providers. Over time some of these people and their product have proven themselves to be worthy of our highest esteem and complete trust. It is our pleasure to introduce our friends at Signature Custom Cabinetry.

The history of Signature Custom Cabinetry is a story of family, tradition, and good old Pennsylvania German craftsmanship. It started with the Martin brothers – Kent, Devon & Delayne – whose grandfather taught them the time-honored art of woodworking in his Lancaster County wood shop.

In 1989, Signature Custom Cabinetry was founded by the Martin brothers. With humble beginnings in Kent’s oversized two-car garage, a legacy was born. With Devon as the first official employee, Signature began to manufacture quality custom-built cabinetry. After one year of existence, we moved to a larger facility. Over the years we have met the increased demand for our cabinetry by growing at a controlled, steady, double-digit rate. Today we have over 150 employees and occupy 55,000 square ft. of manufacturing space. Since our beginning, we have surrounded ourselves with quality people who we choose to call stakeholders. These stakeholders include customers, associates, design professionals, and vendors; all who have an interest in the continued success of Signature Custom Cabinetry. We look forward to continued prosperity with the participation of all our stakeholders.

Signature Custom Cabinetry remains true to its heritage, blending an uncompromising commitment to craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. Only the very best local craftspeople are hired—cabinet makers, finish artisans, and in the time-honored tradition of the craft, promising apprentices—who aspire to become Signature artisans. From the moment your new, custom cabinetry is installed, we know you’ll appreciate the legacy of love and care that is built into every Signature cabinet.

Signature’s cabinetry comes in a variety of door styles, artistic finishes, and materials. All custom cabinetry is crafted using the finest hardwoods with proven and perfected blind mortise and tenon joinery. Their highly engineered drawer system includes solid wood, four-sided, dovetailed construction mounted on the finest, quietest, smoothest gliding drawer suspension system, boasting high-quality engineering guaranteed for life. The unique French dovetail construction employed by Signature for their casework makes their cabinetry very unique. French dovetails featuring interlocking male and female components create a completely self-contained construction feature putting Signature Cabinetry virtually in a class all its own. Along with traditional high-quality adhesives and fasteners, the unique French dovetail construction makes Signature Custom Cabinetry, the best value in the marketplace.

To learn more please visit Cox Kitchens and Baths’ showroom or click to Signature’s web site at www.signaturecab.com.

EPA Lead-Safe Certification for remodeling

Cox Kitchens and Baths is now an EPA Certified Lead-Safe firm

Lead, a toxic metal used for years in products found in and around Mid-Atlantic homes, may cause a range of health effects, from behavioral problems and learning disabilities, to seizures and death. That is why the designers and installation professionals at Cox Kitchens and Baths have embraced the EPA’s new certification standards for removal and handling of all lead paint situations. Designers Robert Gibbs and Martin Gibbs completed all required training to become EPA Certified Lead Renovator Managers.

Now you can rest assured that the removal of your old hazardous materials will be handled professionally, safely and with the kind of attention to detail that Cox Kitchens and Baths has practiced since 1950.

For more information on EPA’s Lead-Safe program please visit: www.epa.gov/lead/pubs/leadinfo.htm

Ceramic Tile & Stone

Durable, hygenic, anti-static, and stain-resistant, what’s not to love about ceramic tile

Humans have been making ceramics since 24,000 BCE. And the basic recipe of clay, water, and heat remains the same today. Since then practical uses have been developed by the thousands.

Ceramic tile has many advantages in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. The hard surface of is extremely easy to clean and does not trap dust, pollen, or other allergens. Tile comes in almost any color or design you could imagine, and on a hot summer day, you have to love the feel of a cool tile floor under your feet.

We have worked with an extensive selection of ceramic tile styles, from top brands like Dal-Tile, Sonoma TileMakers, and Oceanside Tile. Whether you want a tile shower enclosure, an elegant patterned floor, or a mosaic backsplash, Cox Kitchens & Baths has the right design answers for you.

Robert F. Cox

Since hanging out his shingle in 1950, Robert Cox pursued complete mastery of the profession of Kitchen and Bath Designer. His success was so complete and thorough he became a noted national industry leader. Bob Cox was instrumental in not only establishing accreditation standards for kitchen and bathroom design but also teaching these skills to the current generation’s industry leaders. Bob and his wife Ellen traveled the country teaching design and nurturing the industry he helped create. He stressed extensive knowledge of all the products available, a complete understanding of proper planning for traffic flow and the exacting details of an accurate rendering of design. Those things coupled with Bob’s outgoing personality and altruistic approach to customer care set the solid foundation for what today is Baltimore’s premier kitchen and bathroom remodeler.

Bob’s children and grandchildren still employ many of the design techniques that he taught and embrace his customer care philosophy.