Ceramic Tile & Stone

Durable, hygenic, anti-static, and stain-resistant, what’s not to love about ceramic tile

Humans have been making ceramics since 24,000 BCE. And the basic recipe of clay, water, and heat remains the same today. Since then practical uses have been developed by the thousands.

Ceramic tile has many advantages in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. The hard surface of is extremely easy to clean and does not trap dust, pollen, or other allergens. Tile comes in almost any color or design you could imagine, and on a hot summer day, you have to love the feel of a cool tile floor under your feet.

We have worked with an extensive selection of ceramic tile styles, from top brands like Dal-Tile, Sonoma TileMakers, and Oceanside Tile. Whether you want a tile shower enclosure, an elegant patterned floor, or a mosaic backsplash, Cox Kitchens & Baths has the right design answers for you.

Robert F. Cox

Since hanging out his shingle in 1950, Robert Cox pursued complete mastery of the profession of Kitchen and Bath Designer. His success was so complete and thorough he became a noted national industry leader. Bob Cox was instrumental in not only establishing accreditation standards for kitchen and bathroom design but also teaching these skills to the current generation’s industry leaders. Bob and his wife Ellen traveled the country teaching design and nurturing the industry he helped create. He stressed extensive knowledge of all the products available, a complete understanding of proper planning for traffic flow and the exacting details of an accurate rendering of design. Those things coupled with Bob’s outgoing personality and altruistic approach to customer care set the solid foundation for what today is Baltimore’s premier kitchen and bathroom remodeler.

Bob’s children and grandchildren still employ many of the design techniques that he taught and embrace his customer care philosophy.