LED Lighting is Changing Kitchen and Bath Design

Modern LED technology expands design possibilities in kitchen & bath lighting.

Improvements in cost, function, and aesthetics in LED lighting have created endless opportunities in interior design. Versatile products such as strips, tape, rope, and pucks, can add accent lighting almost anywhere in your kitchen and bath. And with a broad spectrum of color choices and brightness options for every style, it is no wonder LED lighting is becoming so popular.

The initial investment for LED could be larger than other more traditional options for interior lighting, especially when involved in a full kitchen or bathroom remodel, but their real value lies in the long-term energy cost reduction. That and all of the fabulous and creative ways designers are incorporating LED lighting.


Here are a few ideas and tips on how you could add LED into your new kitchen or bathroom.

  • Adding LED strips under toe-kicks of cabinets can render a floating effect. Also, works for great under a bathroom vanity cabinet as a nightlight for kids.
  • Add LED tape inside deep drawers and kitchen cabinets to improve visibility.
  • Adding LED strips under cabinet adds a warm glow to a kitchen. Add a color to that LED that can change the color of the backsplash at night.
  • Line recessed spaces and under exposed shelves to elevate their look and improve visibility.

The peak of technology in consumer LED lighting is giving you the ability to control these design-rich lights via a smartphone app. Change the colors, turn the lights up or down from your phone. It’s a pretty exciting time in the kitchen and bath design and a lot of that design enthusiasm is technology based.