Eco-conscious kitchen and bath remodeling

Considering low-impact renovations

Whether you are interested in the green movement or not, there are some innovative new materials and some timeless classics worth considering.

When remodeling a home’s interior spaces there are several ways to easily incorporate environmentally-friendly aspects. Without even considering anything “green” you may want the function, easy cleaning, and mid-range costs of ceramic tile. Tile is actually very eco-friendly in how it is made and in the exceptional durability. Recycled glass tiles are beautiful enough to choose without their green status.

When consciously considering environmentally friendly remodels, you want to minimize the project’s impact from build-out through its lifetime of use. Solid planning can save energy during the build-out and once you are using your new kitchen, you would want energy- and water-saving appliances. LED lighting is a fantastic design accent. LED lights only pull two to 15 watts and last longer than the family cat.

When designing your new bathroom, conserving water use especially in baths is essential. A dual-flush toilet (two flush buttons, one for light work, one for heavy), a low-flow showerhead, and tankless water heaters are readily available ways to go greener.

There is no need to sacrifice top-shelf design to be environmentally friendly in your remodeling project. Reclaimed wood can be upcycled to truly unique rustic doors, tables and countertops. For a dramatic effect, pair a recycled glass counter lit with LED strip lighting from underneath on the kitchen island.